Current Projects
Buckingham Cemetery Project
 This project involves the identification and survey of all family, church, and community cemeteries in Buckingham County. Over 550 cemeteries have been visited and documented by Historic Buckingham so far, with many more cemeteries still to be found and visited. If you know of a private cemetery in Buckingham County that has not been included in our four volumes of Buckingham Burials, please e-mail

Museum Annex Project 

The Adams Annex construction is moving right along. This building, located behind The Housewright Museum, will house collections of Spencer Adams, and the late Winnie Adams from Indian Relics, vintage candy jars, to antique dolls and more! There will be a research room and much needed storage. The entire structure will be handicapped accessible .The building is a gift to the people of Buckingham and beyond from Spencer Adams . 

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